Lee Marvin 'Chino-Niño' Baby Sweater

$120.00 - $160.00

Custom, hand knit replica of the sweater Lee Marvin wore opposite Marlon Brando, as the leader of the rival gang The Beatles in The Wild One (1953). The colors (navy blue & yellow) of Lee Marvin's sweater (only ever seen in Black & White) is discussed by Hunter S Thompson in his book Hell's Angels.

"Frank (Hell's Angel's President, Frisco Chapter 1955-62) was so completely hip that he went down to Hollywood and bought the blue and yellow striped sweatshirt that Lee Marvin wore in The Wild One. Frank wore it ragged, and not only for runs and parties. When he felt the Angels were being prosecuted beyond the norm he would make an appearance in the police chief's office, wearing his Hollywood sweatshirt and demand justice."
- Hell's Angels, Hunter S. Thompson

Every sweater is hand knit in incredibly soft 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, and made to order..